Homelessness. Hunger. Hopelessness. I have been fortunate to never have truly experienced any of these three heart wrenching conditions. I have always known the comfort of a roof over my head and a hot meal upon demand, but I am acutely aware that there are many who live with these conditions on a daily basis. In fact, over 7,000 of my fellow Atlantans are homeless, of those, 2,000 are considered unsheltered (living on the streets instead of finding refuge in a shelter), and 1,300 are homeless families (source).

Atlanta Mission exists to address these issues. They shelter the homeless. They feed the hungry. They give hope to the hopeless.  They do this by addressing the whole person—their physical needs, their emotional needs, and their spiritual needs—because they believe that God cares about the whole person, and so they must also. Their many services include a men’s shelter, a women’s and children’s shelter, addiction recovery programs, and vocational training to name a few.

They strive to meet each person where they are and work to overcome their unique circumstances of homelessness, with the belief that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to restoration, redemption and sustainable change.

I’ve chosen Atlanta Mission as my charity of choice because I share their beliefs and because they remain committed to treating each person that walks through their doors with compassion and love, regardless of their circumstances and pasts, to restore dignity and hope.  They are not merely striving to serve the next hot meal or provide a blanket and a bed, but to end homelessness. One precious person at a time.