Like Fine Wine

Good tea is like fine wine in many respects. Quality tea often described with wine terms such as aroma, body, bouquet, clean, earthy, fruity, floral, delicate, balance, complexity, lingering, robust, subtle to name a few. In reality, the quality of a tea, like wine, is dependent on the basic organic raw material, and equally important, on processing.

Tea Garden

Even though tea is made from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis, there are many varieties or cultivars (cultivation + variety) of the same plant which have been cultivated --in some cases for centuries-- to enhance certain characteristics so as to make certain kinds of tea. Therefore, like wine, where the tea comes from is as important as where a wine comes from because soil and weather are important to a particular cultivar. The quality of the leaves is a product of nature, the time and method of picking, the appropriate time of oxidation, aeration and drying. All these can affect a particular year of production of the same tea. Tea masters are trained to make adjustments but nature has its own way and each year’s tea may be different.

Some teas are best consumed within one or two years while others are the best after decades. Ripe Pu-Erh teas, for example, are stamped into cakes and ready to be stored for decades.
We know that this can be a lot of information to take in. But that’s why we started our company. We want to introduce you to the benefits and nuances of tea. With so many varieties, flavors and types, you’re sure to discover something that you love.

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