Steep. Sip. Enjoy. Re-Steep. Sip. Enjoy some more!

We live in a one-time use world.  Sandwich bags, paper cups, grocery bags. One and done. And that's one of the reasons that I love tea. Because tea doesn't have to be a one-time use only kind of thing.

I mean, sure, who doesn't love the first steep of a good loose leaf tea or teabag? But I grew up in a Chinese home and we would never steep tea only once!

Wait. You mean re-steep the tea? Use the tea leaves again? Yup! Chinese restaurants and li'l ole me do it every day!

Doesn't that change how the tea tastes? Doesn't it make the tea more dilute? Great questions. The answer is sure, it can, but that isn't a bad thing. Honestly, to me, the second steep (or even the third!) can result in a more complex flavored brew. And it just adds to the fun of it for me.  

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It's obvious how you reuse a tea bag. Just add hot water and dunk the bag again. Simple. Re-steeping loose leaf tea isn't difficult either. I prefer to steep my loose leaf tea in a brewer like our EZ Brew Tea Maker. It's simple to use. Just put the loose leaf tea directly into the brewer, add hot water, and steep for desired amount of time. Then place the entire contraption on top of the cup of your choice. The brewer will drain the tea directly into your cup while retaining the tea leaves. To re-steep leaves, simply add more hot water to the brewer.  Easy peasy!

I know that re-steeping tea isn't for everyone or every kind of tea. But if one day you find yourself reusing your tea leaves, just know that I'm probably out there doing the same thing!

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