Convenience or Not--You Choose

We live in a time of great convenience. But is there such a thing as too much convenience? Every time I look at the Amazon charges on my credit card bill, I admit I feel a pang of guilt. How did there get to be so many? Truthfully, life is busy and I’m often pressed for time. So to give in to the pressure to get everything done, I often shop online.

Is convenience good or bad? Has convenience moved us to stop doing things we truly enjoy for something the sake of ease and availability? Even the local grocery stores are delivering now, and while that would surely save time, I love to grocery shop! When I buy online for convenience, do I miss the physical act of shopping? For sure!

So where does it end? What are there things that I absolutely won’t give up for the sake of convenience? I’ve decided that I need to be more aware of the pull towards moving faster. I can decide where to take advantage of conveniences and where to embrace taking the time to do something the long, indulgent way—just because I enjoy it.  

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So sometimes, I’ll decide to save time by buying paper towels and shampoo online. And sometimes I’ll meander down the aisles of Target instead. Sometimes I’ll run through the drive-thru to put dinner on the table. But often, you might find me slowing it all down with a cup of tea while dinner is bubbling in the oven. And what do you know? With teabags, like our Spring Blossom or Apple Cinnamon, that indulgent cup of tea can be tasty and convenient too!

You alone are one who gets to decide what is convenient. Take it easy and enjoy all the conveniences we have in 2018, or not—you choose!