My Backward Christmas Way Of Doing Things

I love this time of year, when the darkness comes early, the air gets chilly, and you start to see Christmas lights.  This will be the third year that I have an elementary-aged child, and he has the week of Thanksgiving off from school; so even though I worked half the week, it felt like a vacation.  The four day weekend for Thanksgiving is always the start of one of my favorite times - Christmas shopping and wrapping! I love Christmas - the music, decorations, unlimited Hallmark Christmas movies, and buying gifts for people.

There is so much possibility for me when I think of Thanksgiving break.  Time to get out Christmas decorations, start shopping, and then make my Christmas list.  That may seem backwards, but I like to go shopping Thanksgiving weekend without a list and buy what catches my eye.  I like to browse and see what’s new and popular. Then I make my list and figure out what I am missing.

And then comes my absolute FAVORITE part of this Christmas season - wrapping gifts at night when my son has gone to sleep. Every day I hope to get some wrapping done; most days I am too tired.  But every year it all gets done! 


What type of shopper are you? Black Friday? Cyber Monday?  All online? Gift cards? No matter which you are there is always the joy of gifting those we love and of course, wrapping.

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