Labor of Love

Several things come to mind when I hear the words “labor of love”. How about you? Of course, we think of our relationships, children, jobs. Today, I am talking about things that take extra effort—but part of the joy of doing them IS the extra effort! Do you know what I mean? Or am I being too vague?

I have two labors of love—cross-stitch and nutty tarts.  Anyone who has known me for even a short period of time knows this to be true. I get enjoyment and satisfaction from creating these two things, and the fact that they take a lot of time and effort makes it all the more satisfying to me.


I typically don’t select easy cross-stitch patterns. I prefer counted cross-stitch which means the picture or image is not stamped on the cloth, but rather you start with a blank piece of cloth—just you and the boxes.  I ‘count’ the small boxes on the cloth and use the pattern to determine the color of thread, number of strands, type of stitch, and location on the cloth. I LOVE my cross-stitch time and seeing my hard work translate into a beautiful product is so rewarding.

'“What are nutty tarts?”, you may wonder. Um, they’re little tarts of deliciousness! But, they’re time consuming to make. The filling is made from brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and walnuts and the crust only has three ingredients—butter, cream cheese, and flour. Seems like a simple recipe, but it’s time consuming to assemble as each crust needs to be molded into the mini tart pan by hand.  I usually double the recipe to make sixty at a time. Oh, and have I mentioned that they are yummy?!


I get so much satisfaction from creating these two things and they both happen to go great with a steaming hot cup of tea! So as we come close to celebrating Christmas again, I am so grateful for all I have been given and for the opportunity to share my labors of love with my loved ones.

What are the labors of love that bring you joy to share with others?


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