Best Breakfast Ever

Best Breakfast Ever.jpg

A quiet park side table, a bagel spread with sun-dried tomato cream cheese, piled high with lox on one side and prosciutto on the other, and my favorite morning tea—nothing could top that as the best breakfast ever, I thought. Wrong! 

Just as I was about to take that first delicious bite, a fresh face appeared—my smiling grandson Landon! We had agreed the night before to maybe have breakfast together, but that we would not set a time so that we could each sleep until we woke up and then decide whether or not to have breakfast—in the true spirit of a laissez faire attitude while on vacation. We also decided not call one another when we did wake up so that we would not wake up those in our rooms who were still sleeping. So that morning, after I scoured the restaurant and made the determination that he was probably still sleeping and had opted out of breakfast, I chose a secluded corner of the 7000 thousand passenger cruise ship to enjoy a quiet breakfast.

Landon quickly settled on a simple bagel and cream cheese and we sat across each other in the morning sun. He looked much more mature than his years and was carrying out a solid conversation with me. I can’t say that I was too surprised because he’s the first-born son, but what was surprising to me was the realization that we had never shared a one-on-one meal together until now—it had always been the family and the kids.  But here he was, carrying out a conversation about his first rock climbing experience, his thrill of zipping past tree tops, and sky walking, like an eleven-year old going onto sixteen.

Children have a way of bringing us into the present and the future all at the same time. I don’t know whether it’s their innocent seriousness or their confidence in their experiences that invokes in one the joy and hope of living. I remember when I was seriously facing death last year, the loving concern of my loved ones—including my grandsons Landon and Ryan—was the thread that connected my faith to my God.  

So, the best breakfast ever was no longer just a quiet breakfast of some of my favorite food consumed with my favorite tea, but the joy and gratefulness of a grandmother who had just been treated to an unforgettable moment. Thank you, Chris, for arranging a trip that included us because we got more than just a cruise—we got a lifetime of memories.

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