Fruity Tea, Not For Me

I grew up in the great state of Rhode Island, where there are 124 DunkinDonuts locations for just over one million people and a little over 1,200 square miles...that's one DD for every ten square miles! With that kind of ratio (yes, I love math!), it's no wonder that I grew up thinking that the best morning beverage is a hot cup of coffee - especially one that tastes suspiciously like a donut.

As I grew older, I decided to explore the world of tea. Drinking a cup of tea held the promise of peace, warmth, and best of all...the potential for no calories! I thought a fruit flavored tea would be a great starting point since I was trying to switch from my sweet coffee.  Boy, was I wrong!  I didn't like that fruity tea, so I decided that all tea wasn't for me.

When a friend mentioned starting an business selling tea, I thought, I would love to!  I like organizing and creating, and I love my partners - I just needed to learn to love tea. 

And so it began. I learned how to steep tea properly and then systematically began to sample all our offerings. In that process, I found out something amazing. I like fragrant herbal tea...I like black tea...I like green tea...and I like white tea.  What happened?! Buckhead Tea Company sells quality tea that I LOVE the taste of - who knew that the quality and blend of the tea would make all the difference? Currently my favorite tea is a fruity tea - our Paradise blend, followed by Harvest, and then Earl Grey Oolong.

Friends and family that have heard that I am part of Buckhead Tea Company have repeatedly said to me, "But you LOVE coffee!".  And they're right, but I discovered something wonderful in the process of starting Buckhead Tea Company - I love great quality tea too!

Not sure if tea is your thing? Give it another try! I sure am glad I did.