The Extraordinary in the Ordinary

This morning I am sitting on my balcony enjoying this spectacular view of St. Andrews Bay.  It’s a warm 75 degrees. The wind is blowing.  The palm trees are rustling. The waves are gently lapping along the shore line, and the sun shining on the water looks like diamonds. It’s the reason I now often get up at 5:30am each morning – I don’t want to miss the view of the glorious sunrise from the master bedroom. That’s right folks – I get to enjoy the sunrise right from my bed. And, if I don’t have anything pressing going on that morning, I promptly go back to sleep (smile).  It’s the perfect blend of everything I love about living on the water. 

The temps now are warm enough for me to enjoy my early morning cup of tea out on the balcony.  Watching our Paradise tea bloom into a color reminiscent of the sunrise, reminds me of how much I now look forward sunrises (and sunsets!). The hibiscus and rose hips in the tea lend color, and two of my favorite tropical fruits—pineapple and coconut—give a light fruity and happy taste.  Even if I was not already on the water this tea would take me right back there in my mind.

I find myself reflecting that much like the perfect elements that blend in nature to bless us with the perfect start or ending to a day, so does the perfect tea blend.  Whether it’s Paradise or one of our other yummy blends – I hope you, too, can experience how a perfect tea blend compliments both the ordinary and extraordinary moments throughout your day.