Whatcha Talking 'Bout Matcha For?



What's this matcha all about?  I keep hearing everyone talk about it.  And in my short time as a Starbucks barista, I'd added it to plenty of smoothies.  I know it's a green powder and very popular and I know we carry matcha at Buckhead Tea Company.  But I still didn't really know what matcha was...so I decided to do some research.

Here's what I learned.  Matcha is a premium green tea powder that is grown mostly in Japan.  The tea leaves are shaded from the sun during the last few weeks of their growth which increases their chlorophyll content and gives matcha it's gorgeous green color.  Yes, the beautiful color of matcha tea is all natural! 

These tea leaves are then carefully ground with stone grinding wheels to produce a fine powder.  This green tea powder isn't strained so you're essentially consuming the entire leaf.  That's why matcha is more potent than other types of tea.  All you have to do is google matcha tea to see article after article about its health benefits and something called catechins.

So now I know why people drink matcha tea, but I was still wondering how to properly drink it.  What I found is that matcha can be enjoyed as a hot tea or as an ingredient in smoothies or baking.   

The traditional way to prepare and experience matcha tea is by using a bamboo whisk and tea bowl--like our Matcha Accessories Set.  First, sift ½ to ¾ teaspoonful of matcha powder through a fine mesh strainer into the tea bowl; then, add 4 oz. of hot water that is just under a boil; finally, whisk vigorously with the bamboo whisk in a zig zag motion until the tea is frothy.  That’s it--time enjoy your tea!  And so now I know...matcha tea is delicious and creamy, and can be slightly bitter/sweet in taste.