Why This Makes Me Happy...

It's just a simple picture, really.  A glass mug with a teabag steeping in it.  Nothing extraordinary.  Nothing earth shattering.  So why does it fill me with such happiness?  Why does it make me go all heart eyes?

Spring Blossom Blog.JPG

Because for me, this picture represents so many things that fill my heart.  First, if it doesn't remind you that Spring is just around the corner, I've got nothing for you.  :)  The beautiful combination of rosebuds and tea leaves, and well, you can't smell it, but trust me when I say that it smells A M A Z I N G--exactly like a spring bouquet. 

Then it's the tea itself.  Not just the delicious, dainty taste of the Spring Blossom, but the tea itself brings me back to an early fall day last year as my mom (and partner in this venture!) and I sat down together and came up with this blend. 

Many of you may not know that my mother was quite ill last year, but her faith, some amazing doctors and medicine helped her power through, and now she's 100% healthy again!  While we were starting the company, she had some pretty bad days.  But she never let that hold her down or keep her from helping me to realize our dream of starting a tea company together.  She's pretty awesome and this tea always reminds me of that. 

Then the tea tag reminds me of two friends who might as well be my sisters.  Of all the happy, crazy discussions about our logo, of what the vision of the company would be, of the kind of website we wanted.  Of just doing life together.  Through the good and the bad.

So really, this picture embodies the culmination of a dream.  A dream that I get to walk through with three of the most amazing women I know.