Puppies, Schools, and Water, Oh My!

We’re all about tea here at Buckhead Tea Company as you might suspect, but did you know that we’re all about puppies, water, schools and the homeless, too?  Say what?, you ask. Well, let me tell you a little bit about our purpose here at BTC.  

First of all, let’s be honest. Get four passionate, strong minded (and willed!) women in the same room, and we’ll rarely agree on anything. So you know that if we all immediately agree on something, it must be something that, individually, we feel very strongly about.  That’s exactly how it was for Jenny, Tammy, Mom and I when we began to talk about purpose for BTC. 

Of course, our intent is to sell high quality teas and to do it in a way that is welcoming and fun.  But equally important to us is giving back.  Now, I know this is a popular theme nowadays.  But, for us, it’s not a gimmick.  It’s a way of life.

Three out of four of our partners worked for a local church.  And our fourth partner has served as a deacon and Sunday school teacher for years at another local church.  Tithing is nothing new to us, it’s simply built into our characters—a part of who we are.  So it was only natural for us to decide early on that we absolutely wanted to donate 10% of Buckhead Tea Company's profits to charity.  

So every year, we each pick one charity (because there are so many great causes!) we love that will be an equal recipient of our donations.  Some of the charities are religious, some are not.  It matters only that we are passionate about the organizations we choose and passionate about what they stand for.  

Canine Assistance Blog Pic.jpg

We’ve each written a paragraph or two on why we choose a particular charity.  Atlanta Mission for me,  Water for People for Tammy, Canine Assistants for Jenny and West African Christian Ministries for Mom.  

Every quarter we highlight one of these charities.  This quarter, you can find out more about Canine Assistants by scrolling down to Making a Difference here.  

Know that every time you steep, sip, and enjoy a cup of tea from Buckhead Tea Company, you are partnering with us to support some great organizations.  From the bottom of our hearts and cups, we thank you.