Cold-Brewed Iced Tea, My Style

Hey there!  Chris here.  I thought I’d share with you a fun little project that my boys and I have been doing during these hot, hot summer days to help us cool off.  Yup, you guessed it! We've been playing with flavored cold-brewed iced teas.

Nothing says summer in the South more than sun tea.  Tea leaves or tea bags slow brewed for hours in the hot summer sun and offered ice cold to friends and family is the epitome of Southern hospitality.  But, as a transplanted Northerner (gasp!), I figured cold-brewed tea is more up my alley.  Mainly because I'm so scattered brained sometimes, that I'm afraid I'd forget about the brewing tea in the sun!

I'm gonna be honest here.  My method of making cold-brewed iced tea is definitely not rocket science.  Nor does it require fancy equipment.  A couple of Buckhead Tea Company tea bags or loose leaf tea with filtered water inside my trusty 16 oz. Ball jars is my not-so-secret recipe.  Just leave overnight in the refrigerator, and voila! Chris' cold brewed iced tea at your service.  

Cold-Brewed Ginger Peach tea with fresh raspberries, peaches, and lemon

Cold-Brewed Ginger Peach tea with fresh raspberries, peaches, and lemon

It's super easy to make with the boys, and the fun part is deciding what to flavor the tea with.  Any fresh fruits--raspberries, peaches, lemon, lime, apples--you get the idea, or herbs like mint or basil will do.  Mix and match with your favorite tea, leave overnight, and you have yummy flavored cold brewed iced tea the next day.  It's so fun to experiment with different ingredients and different teas and try new flavors each morning.  Really, the combinations are endless.

If you do use loose leaf tea to make the iced tea, I recommend straining the tea before drinking, although this is not absolutely necessary.  The same goes with fresh fruit.  Straining the fruit from the tea before serving will aid in presentation, but doesn't affect flavor at all.  

So far, my favorite is Ginger Peach tea with fresh raspberries, peaches and a hint of lemon.  But, our loose leaf Keemun with lemon was a close second.  Well, and so was Organic Chamomile with fresh peaches and a hint of mint, and then there was the Vanilla raspberry tea...What fun flavors will you try?