Summer's Almost Over

Back to school has always signaled the end of summer.  Growing up, I knew the end of summer was coming after I would celebrate my birthday in mid August.  But, we never started back to school until AFTER Labor Day. So it’s shocking to me that some schools in Georgia have already started back to school!  Thankfully, for the Hill family, the big day isn’t until August 6th-the start of 2nd grade!

IMG_0028 2.jpg

Do you remember how you felt right before going back to school as a child, teenager, or college student?  There are so many different emotions for children-a mix of excitement at reconnecting with friends and maybe some anxiety at meeting their new teachers.  Most kids aren’t looking forward to getting back into the routine of getting up early, being in school, and having to do homework every night.

Parents, on the other hand, are ecstatic!  Tired stay-at-home moms are counting down the days. Working parents, like me, are looking forward to the schedule and structure that back to school brings to the family.  So, while we won’t say goodbye to summer weather for a while, the freedom of summer is about to come to an end.

So as the summer winds down for us, I’m going to try to enjoy these last days of vacation, pool time, and playdates. I’ll sit down with a relaxing cup of Organic Tranquility and let the chamomile, rosebuds and lemongrass ease the stress of figuring out back to school shopping, school supplies, and afterschool care plans. And I’ll make sure to take a moment or two each day to see summer through the eyes of my son and to enjoy the different pace of summer.