A Space of My Own

It's important to carve out a space of your own in your home. In the past, my stress level tended to increase when I would walk into my home and see all the things that I thought needed to be done. 


A dear friend recently challenged me to reclaim a space in my house. After years of talking about organizing and decorating, I decided to start with just one room. No toys in sight in this room! With the help of my friend, we created a space that brings me peace, helps me to relax, and puts an extra spring in my step!

I didn’t realize before transforming ‘my room’ how much this process and the results would impact me. Every time I walk by my new space I feel lighter inside -  the combination of the calming colors and the clean lines of the room truly refreshes me. 

I know that in this space I can enjoy some of my favorite things: I can snuggle up with a cozy blanket, drink a cup of my favorite tea (Ginger Peach or Paradise right now!) and do whatever suits me in the moment - pick up my cross-stich and turn on Netflix, look out the window, or pick up an easy read.  The common thread is that I get to choose. And so, for at least a little while, there's peace.

Do you have a special space that brings you peace and helps you relax?