The Finish Line

Happy New Year, Friends! I hope you’re off to a great start to 2019 so far. What are your resolutions this year? Two of mine are to be more healthy (primarily by losing weight—because, duh!) and to de-clutter (because no one needs to see how much junk I keep for no reason at all).

Have you kept up with your resolutions thus far? I confess…I haven’t! Sadly, this happens to me every year. I have the very best intentions and by the end of the first week, I’ve already given up since I haven’t followed through on my resolutions exactly as planned. I think I get overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. This year it’s going to be different.

A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not do something. And a commitment is a pledge or an undertaking. So then a resolution is like a commitment, right? It’s a commitment to do something different in your life. But just because we make a commitment, doesn’t mean we know how to follow thorough, right?!

This past Sunday, I heard a wonderful talk by Jeff Henderson, titled Do This One Thing, where he states that commitment is not the same thing as consistency. Commitment will get you to the starting line, but consistency will get you to the finish line. He continued by saying that doing small things consistently, over time, would lead to big things.

Game changer! Instead of trying to make myself to do everything all at once, I’m going to take it one step at a time (pun intended). Taking 10,000 steps a day is a great way to help reach my goal to be healthier, but since I’m in AWFUL shape, I’m going to start where I am and consistently add a few steps every day. Before I know it, I’ll be at 10,000 and beyond—half marathon, here I come (not!) !!

And if de-cluttering the entire house seems overwhelming, well, maybe I can start with one cabinet or drawer at a time. Next thing I know, maybe the kitchen (and by extension, my life, I hope!) will be free of clutter!


It’s kind of like this puzzle that Landon got me for Christmas. We’ve slowly and steadily been working on it—adding a piece here or there whenever we pass by. Sometimes we’ll finish a whole section before we walk away, sometimes just one piece. It’s slow going, but enjoyable, and we know that at some point, we’ll have the whole puzzle finished and the final picture revealed. (Because, of course, since I’m me, I call it cheating to look at the picture as we’re doing the puzzle.)

So that’s how I plan to make it to the finish line this year. One puzzle piece, one step, and one cabinet at a time. Oh, and if my reward for taking one of those steps to get closer to the finish line is the couch and a cup of Buckhead Tea, well, there are way worse ways to celebrate!