The Challenges of Change

Eighteen months ago, I returned to the engineering world as a consultant. Then, one week after I returned, we were acquired by another firm. And for the last year, the buzz has been about the two companies merging and specifically consolidating office locations.

There have been many organizational changes, new coworkers, and new systems. My actual job has changed several times. But with all of this other change, the change in physical locations has been at the top of everyone’s list as we live and deal with Atlanta commutes and traffic. 


Finally this Monday, WE MOVED! This is the new view from my desk - pretty sweet, right? No more cubicles - we have open work spaces. The new office is pretty upscale, but my drive from home to work just got a little more challenging. More time to enjoy my morning cup of English Breakfast!

Now the thinking, discussing, packing and purging are finally over. The move itself was so smooth - uneventful compared to the last six months since the original move date was planned for last July.  Isn’t that the way it often happens?

For me it is - so much energy and worry expended and not really needed. Preparation for change is needed and helpful, but I would love to learn to leave the fear and anxiety out...

It will be strange to work in a new place in a different part of town with a bunch of new faces. But it will also be fun to get to know new people and lunch spots. I am choosing to push away the negative thoughts about the change and  to focus on the positive.