A Little Soothing


So I may not get off this couch all day today on this cold, wet October Saturday in Georgia. I’m here for the pajamas, the cozy blanket and this hot mug of Organic Soothe tea, full of organic chamomile, peppermint and licorice. It’s been the first weekend that I’ve been able to laze around for a while, and, man, do I need some soothing.

You see, we just got back from the most epic Fall Break vacation. And by epic, I may also mean exhausting. Some fool—could be me—decided it would be a good idea to pull the boys out of school a couple days early, board a Disney cruise for 4 days, and then hit 5 different theme parks in 6 days. First, we hopped off the boat and went directly to Legoland on Monday, and then Magic Kingdom for their Not So Spooky Spectacular (to trick or treat at night at Disney!) on Tuesday afternoon until midnight. Then we hit Magic Kingdom again the next day, Animal Kingdom on Thursday, and then Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure on Friday and Saturday.

IMG_0108 2.jpg

This mama is T-I-R-E-D. Honestly, it’s been two weeks, and I still haven’t fully recovered. But that’s not the only reason I plan to veg on the couch all day sipping my Organic Soothe. You see, while we were on that “relaxing vacation”, my sweet, no-so-little-baby-boy, had a birthday and turned 13. T-H-I-R-T-E-E-N. I now have a TEENAGER in my home. I just can’t take it. Oh, I know it’s been coming (believe me, the attitude doesn’t just start magically when they hit their teen years), and his growth spurt and the deepening of the voice has been happening, but I could pretend that he was still the sweet baby boy he was in this picture until now.

Now the reality of high school, drivers licenses, college and GIRLS looms heavily on my horizon. And all I want to do is to hug him close forever. It’s a blessing, though, to watch your children grow and mature and develop into who God made them to be. So I’m going to cherish these teenage years as much as the ones before them. But to get me through, I may need many, many more cups of Organic Soothe to help me deal.