Sixty Days Til Christmas


Did you know there is an app that counts down in real time the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas? Not surprising. With our Georgia weather finally cooling down, it seems like the seasons and the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas have started to blur together.

We finally have some cooler weather and rain as we start finishing up Fall baseball season and move into Tournament play. So in the same day we have a baseball playoff game, a birthday party, and a Halloween party! And let me tell you how much these baseball games stress me out! I think the parents care much more about the outcome than the 8 year olds!

At my women’s small group meeting yesterday we enjoyed some delicious crock pot soup as we admired all the amazing Halloween directions of our hostess and talked about Christmas gifts and picking names for adult relative Christmas swaps. My plan for my Friday afternoon was to enjoy some retail therapy. The discussion about Christmas gifts made me look at my calendar and realize, “Yikes!, I am much behind in my planning and shopping for Christmas!”

The school year started off strong with baseball practice and games, Cub Scouts, girls beach trip, Fall Break beach trip, and of course work! It is no wonder that I am scrambling to figure out Halloween costumes and trick-o-treating plans and Thanksgiving flights! Can you relate?

I know it will all come together. I love this season, and I love giving gifts to those I love. But there are only 60 days until Christmas! So if you weren’t even thinking about the calendar and what is coming up next, my apologies for bursting your “ignorance is bliss” bubble. To get you started, check out our Gift selection at Buckhead Tea Company and give peace and happiness in a cup to your loved ones!

Tammy HillComment