A Tale of Two Cups

Tea cup on the left. Coffee cup gift on the right (Thanks Angie!)

Tea cup on the left. Coffee cup gift on the right (Thanks Angie!)

Once up on a time I was a girl who loved coffee.  I made that first cup bright and early each morning.  I drank it slowing while getting ready for work or just to kick off my day with a “hit” of caffeine.  Coffee was something I shared with co-workers in the break room at the office.  “Do you want to meet for coffee” was a phrase shared weekly when I hoped for a quick catch up with a friend, or as a suggestion on where and what to do for some sort of planning or brainstorming session. Coffee is what I was always running out of because my husband and I drank some much of it at home.  It’s what we grabbed as we were leaving for any type of journey in the car.  Coffee was coffee – it tasted good, it was hot, and it went hand in hand with a busy life.

When I drank coffee at home or at work, I had THAT coffee cup.  You know the one…that special gift or the one that fits your hand best, or keeps that coffee warm for a long time.  I’ve had a lot of special coffee cups, but the one pictured here is my favorite.  A dear friend gave it to me as a gift.  It’s unique and it’s something that I would have picked out myself (my friend knows that well).  So when I drink from it I think of her and her friendship and of all the great friends I have in my life.

Almost four years ago I became very ill.  I’m a person who was, and is still, someone who likes to be in a control.  Being in control is what makes me feel safe, and prepared and at peace.  When I became ill, and couldn’t get better I became very anxious.  I became anxious because there was nothing that I could do. NOTHING I did or the doctors tried made me feel at ease and ok.  There were so many theories that I developed a very extreme case of OCD. And that OCD did nothing but make me feel even worse. Sometimes hopeless. I wasn’t depressed at the onset of this challenge, but after several years, with no relief from my symptoms I did start to feel really down.  Among so many other things, I started doing research on some natural ways to calm myself down.  Traditional medicines were not helping me at all.  I found that for me,  drinking certain types of tea, like Organic Chamomile and blends like what would later become Organic Rest, which include lemon balm, Passionflower and catnip… did give me some me some much needed relief and rest. I became so obsessed with tea at that point (still suffering from OCD at the point) that I drank it constantly and talked about it non-stop with my closest friends.  

From those conversations an idea was developed.  Why don’t we start a tea company?  Four of us were looking for something new to do in our lives.  Three of us, who worked for the same organization, were in a very challenging situation.  We very clearly felt that God wanted us to make a change and move on.  Our fourth – an amazing woman with multiple leadership experiences in business, and recently retired, agreed to join us and finish out our team. And that was the start of Buckhead Team Company !

One of our first big promotions featured our Steep Sip Enjoy tea cup. – that’s our tag line. It was a big hit.  Of course I own one.  It has become my favorite tea cup.  I love the clear glass and I love watching the tea bloom and brew…all those pretty colors and tea leaves.  But mostly I like thinking about those special friends - we ventured out in partnership together, combining our love of herbal and traditional Chinese teas and created a product that each of us could not only enjoy, but share with others.

So…the correct diagnosis was finally made and treated and the OCD is finally being managed.  I learned that you don’t have control everything in order to be okay.  That fear of losing control can compound any illness or even create one.  I am reminded every day to be grateful for all those friends with whom I have shared countless cups of tea AND coffee (1 cup of decaf a day). They have continued to provide me with love, laughter, comfort, strength and most importantly…hope.

Both of these cups represent the friends in my life who let me share so much of myself with them and who helped me through some very tough moments – consider sharing one today.