Galentine’s Day

So…Galentine’s Day was this past Wednesday, February 13th. In case you’re not familiar with this AMAZING holiday, it’s a day based off of an episode on the show Parks and Recreation where we get to celebrate female friendships. So, of course, this got me thinking because I have some pretty awesome friends.  

Now, ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I tend to be a solitary person—after all, I’m an only child. I’m not afraid of being by myself—in fact, I thrive on it. This may sound strange, but the solitude fills me up so that I can engage with people again. Please don’t mistake me though, I need my gal pals, too. I need the group texts that we share to talk nonsense and to just connect (and heaven help you if you step away for a bathroom break—75 new texts will be waiting for you!). I need the lunch and dinner dates, the coffee shop stops, the Girls Nights Out. I need the assurance of knowing that wherever I am and whatever is going on my life, I have “sisters” that will always be there for me. 

This past week has been a great example of this. Last Friday, I got together with Tammy, Jenny and Mom to talk Buckhead Tea Company business (which is extra special now that Jenny mostly hangs out at the beach house). But in between sampling teas, eating cake, and talking business, we found time to just catch up with each other’s lives and reconnect. It was a great reminder of why I’m grateful to have started a business with my mom and two great friends.

Then on Saturday morning, I was able to have an impromptu breakfast with a friend of 20+ (yikes, we’re old!) years. We talked about life circumstances that we’re both going through and encouraged each other until we got kicked out of the restaurant! Haha! I guess they needed the table we had been occupying for the past 2.5 hours. Isn’t friendship like that? You lose track of the time you spend together because you’re not interested in counting the minutes.

That night I got to share dinner with another friend of 20+ years that will be moving clear across the country next year. I’m going to miss her dearly, but I also know that the distance won’t be able to break our friendship. Even if we’re not in the daily … of each other’s lives, we’re just one hilarious text, phone call, or flight away. We’ve shared so many of life’s ups and downs that there will always be an unbreakable bond between us. 

suhyeon-choi-104926-unsplash 2.jpg

And there are so many other dear ladies that I could mention. My roommate from college, my Wednesday night Small Group ladies, my GNO girls, work friends. The list goes on and on. 

I feel super blessed that I have all these ladies to do life with and to laugh with, pray with, and to encourage one another through the good times and the bad. I’m ever so grateful for the Bible and my Imperial Jasmine Pearl to help me get through the tough times, but also for the ladies that God so strategically placed in my life. 

Galentine’s Day is great, but I’m thankful we don’t only have to celebrate these friendships once a year! Here’s to you, ladies! 😘