Well, tomorrow is the “big game!”  For many years I didn’t understand or follow ANY football.  But once my kids were in college I started to get excited about weekly college games. Mostly because my kids were attending schools with great football teams, and I really got caught up in all the excitement.  Nothing beats the SEC (UGA), in my opinion, except for the Big 12 on occasion (like back when Baylor had an amazing few seasons).  The NFL didn’t really hold much appeal to me. And then of course you throw in the whole debate about kneeling/standing for the National Anthem and I decided I was out.  But then the Atlanta Falcons (my current home team) and Kansas City Chiefs (my growing up home team) starting doing really well, and I jumped on that bandwagon last season.

None of my teams made it all the way this year.  Yup – they had great seasons, but I really don’t have anyone I’m cheering for our against at this year’s Super Bowl LIII.  Blah, blah, blah about bad calls two weeks ago. If those “bad calls” had  been in favor of one of my teams I wouldn’t be bellyaching about it…it happens. 

So, am I going to celebrate the Super Bowl this Sunday?  You bet I am! Part of me wants to see the Patriots do it…again.  Most of me wants to root for anyone playing against the Rams.  The Super Bowl is an opportunity to celebrate, as a nation, something very American – all of us participating in one thing.  A thing that brings us together with those around us. A chance to socialize, and to eat (lots and lots of eating), to party, and hopefully to watch a really, really great game. I happen to be the hostess for my neighborhood’s annual Super Bowl party, and I am looking forward to a good time setting up and decorating and a fun time watching the game with the people I’m close to in this particular season of my life.

Following football – whether high school, college, or the NFL, is a great way to unite a group of people. It might be friends from college, neighbors, current friends, and all those folks across the country who happen to follow and LOVE the same team.  

So,  even if you don’t have a horse in this race, consider setting aside some time Sunday night to watch the game with your family – fix a fun meal, make some fun bets…OR don’t be so quick to turn down the opportunity to watch with some friends at a party, or even strangers in a restaurant or bar.  All of us, no matter where we watch, will not be watching alone.  Feel a part of something fun, something big, something that everyone everywhere in the US can do together.

Are you ready for some football?