Tacos, Tequila, and Tea

As I write this I am preparing for a much anticipated long weekend with my two sisters and my stepmother. We are off to Mexico to celebrate my stepmother’s birthday and to spend some much needed time together as a family.

You see, up until about 3 years ago, we were seeing each other quite frequently.  My father had become quite ill after a knee  replacement surgery and he ended up in the hospital for many months.  When he came home he required round-the-clock care.  Both my father and my stepmother needed a lot of love and support during this time.  Fortunately, one of my sisters lived very close to them.  She and her husband were of tremendous assistance and support to her mother and my father ALWAYS, but especially during this period – she gave so much of herself and her time!  And we are all so grateful to her. My other sister and I flew to NYC as we were able. It was a terribly difficult time for the family, but the silver lining (and their always is one if you look hard enough) was that my father’s illness had brought us all incredibly close to one another.  

For that first year after my father’s passing, we continued to speak regularly and still saw each other several times that year.  But after that, for numerous reasons, we just weren’t visiting each other as we had previously.  There were several attempts, but something almost always poked a whole in our plans and we would say, “no biggie – we’ll try again soon.”

Zilara Cancun Resort

Zilara Cancun Resort

Finally, last fall my stepmother and I were chatting about the craziness of not seeing each other.  My stepmother owns many weeks at a fabulous resort in Cancun (that’s an actual picture of it in this blog).  She has not used it since my father’s illness and passing, as she has not been interested in traveling to Mexico on her own.  Her birthday, I told her, was the perfect opportunity to go down there and enjoy this beautiful resort.  So I suggested to her that we three daughters would be more than happy to volunteer to accompany her, and wouldn’t her March birthday be a great time to go?   Since we know it’s like herding cats trying to get us all together I thought we might stand a chance of making this happen since we were giving everyone so much advance notice. And, you know…it’s Mexico in March!  Who wouldn’t want to go??? She said “done!”  She told me to lock it down with my sisters, pick a date, and she would handle all the arrangements (and let me tell you, she has made FABULOUS arrangements…presidential suite, massages on the beach, etc.).  

The fact that I’m incredibly excited to see these women is a sure sign to me that I need to do it more often.  I need to make them a priority in my life. Everyone else is excited as well.  We have been talking about this for months! Did I mention we’re excited?

If you happen to be reading this on Saturday, know that I’m sitting on the beach with my three favorite amigos.  My plans involve lots of tacos, loads of tequila, and some Paradise (on sale thru Sunday)  just in case I need reminding on where I am (smile).

Vamos de fiesta!