Mess > Pretty - But That's Okay

Spring is officially here as of Thursday, and we finally are seeing the sunshine for more than a day! The extra daylight and the weather makes me want to clean up and start fresh. The sunshine makes everything look crisper, cleaner and more beautiful to me.


So what to do when I get home and see this? This is the typical state of the living room if I don’t expend the energy to stay on my son to clean up OR expend the energy myself to clean up.

Below is the picture of what I would like my house to look like. There is a world between the two; and I don’t have the energy to get to the ‘pretty’ picture. Does that ever happen to you

I choose to look beyond the neatness of my space to the blessings that the mess represents. If I want to see a perfect picture I can look outside at God’s creation and the sweet faces of my family. And only two more days until cleaning day!

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