Springing Forward

Daylight savings starts at midnight tonight. That means we lose an hour of sleep this weekend. Sleep is critical to me.  I cherish it.  I crave it. I never seem to get quite enough of it. But on this particular day of the year I am willing to make the sacrifice.  Why?   Because it means that Spring is literally just a few weeks away.  That means longer days and more sunlight (or rain if you live in Georgia where it seems as if the rain will NEVER end). I won’t be going to work in the dark anymore. And when I get my son from aftercare there will still be time to play outside!


Spring is one of my favorite seasons!  In another month the kids will have Spring Break. Then some of us will be looking forward to Easter. As the weather gets warmer flowers start blooming. We begin tackling all those “outdoor” tasks, like gardening and yard clean up. Our outside spaces get spruced, cleaned, and repaired.  My son loves helping his dad with these projects.  That’s him helping his dad fix our deck. And bees start causing problems for homeowners.  My husband happens to own a bee business. So for us, that means my “honey” (pun intended)  will be out and about on “bee” jobs! Which means some extra fun money for us to go out and do things that involve enjoying the beautiful weather we all hope to see again very soon.

I am looking forward to leaving the house without checking the temperature. Warmer days mean not only longer days, but a lighter heart as well. I literally walk around with a spring in my step this time of year..

This Spring our family will enjoy our new property in Tennessee where we will try out rafting and hiking for the first time. We are also fortunate enough to have a small place at the beach, so I plan to stick my toes and in the sand and water as soon as it even thinks about being warm!

I’m feeling warm and springy just writing this blog!  What feelings does spring evoke in you?  Not quite there yet?  If the answer is no, why not try our Imperial White Peony Tea.  This minimally processed tea is both fresh and fruity with a slight sweetness.  And it’s on sale now, no promo code needed.

Time to break out the shorts and flip flops! Well, maybe not quite yet, but I hope to at least put away my heavy winter coat.