Three to Get Ready


The cherry blossoms were pretty and flurrying like pink snow in the morning sun. It had rained the night before and the rocks around our small waterfall pond had been washed clean. I decided to take my mug of Organic Wuyi Oolong outside to sit on my favorite rock and enjoy a moment of leisure while listening to the sound of the bubbling water.  When I put my cup down on the rock nearest to me, I noticed three fallen cherry blossoms and, just a little beyond, were three freshly watered and happy green circles of lichen. 

That sight brought a rush of memory to me about a book called “Three to Get Ready”, about three naughty little kittens and their ever patient mother. As a toddler, Chris would have me read each evening before she would fall asleep.  No matter how many other books I read for her, “Three to Get Ready” was a must. I have to confess that it was sometimes very tiring, especially after a long day at the office, to have to read the same book every evening—usually at least two or three times!  

One evening, I tried to leave out some parts of the book, but she corrected me and began to tell me which parts I had missed. And thus I discovered that she had memorized the book. A clever idea came to me—I suggested that she read to me instead. She took the book and began to match her memorized story with the words of the book. I felt that it was not only an accomplishment on her part but on mine too because while we still had to read “Three to Get Ready” every night, she was the one reading it to me, and it would only take one reading before she would fall asleep.

It gives me great pleasure that enjoying a cup of tea in the beautiful sunshine can bring back such a treasured memory.