Here Comes the Bride

Weddings are whimsical.  They are such special events.  In most instances it involves a young bride and groom, starting their life journey together.  In other cases it might be a middle-aged couple tying the knot for the first time. And for others it may mean trying again – putting yourself out there and placing  your faith in what you believe is your true life match.  

Recently, for my family, it meant celebrating my 80 year old mother’s marriage to whom she believes is finally “her right person.”  And I couldn’t be more pleased.  She has known this man, a widower of five years, for a long time. They know each other from church and other community interests.  In fact, when he first asked her “out” she didn’t even realize it was a date.  She had, in fact, just fallen the day before and ended up with a broken wrist and a black and blue face.  I believe my mom is quite the looker, even at her age, but even I know that she would never, ever, EVER go out on a real date looking like that! But when he asked her out a couple days later, she said, “you mean on date?”  And he said, “Yes, what did you think the other day was?”  She’s brilliant but sometimes a little flakey – or maybe  we’ll chalk it up to head trauma she suffered.  Shortly after this they became an official item.

I wasn’t altogether surprised when a few months later she announced that she was in love.  Nor was I surprised when she announced that they were engaged and that the wedding would be just four months away (you don’t want to waste any time at 80).  Some of my family was not quite ready for this news, and I understand and respect that they are entitled to their own thoughts and feelings on the matter.  But for me – I was all for it!  Why not?  They are 80 and in love.  Who am I to say they can’t or shouldn’t marry.  If that’s what they want to do, and they are both of sound mind, then do it (jokingly I told her fiancé “good – now she’s yours to worry about”). When you’re in that season in of your life, it really is time to not worry so much about what others think and do whatever what makes you happy.

My daughter, Emma on the left. My nieces Renn and Caroline.

My daughter, Emma on the left. My nieces Renn and Caroline.

Two weeks ago my mother said, “I do.” Her granddaughters, including my daughter were her bridesmaids. My brother walked her down the aisle. It was a short and beautiful service followed by an fun afternoon and evening of celebrating with friends and family (new and old)..

Her new husband dotes on her and takes care of so many of the things she used to stress her out.  She had been single for 25 years, and now this man who adores her, who is intellectually stimulating, fun, and loves to travel is her “someone.” She is full of joy and counts her blessings every day.  Forever can start at any age. 

I wish them all the love and happiness the world!

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The bride and groom

The bride and groom

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