My Brand

Did you ever notice that we are bombarded with sights and sounds in every part of our day? Everywhere we are exposed to the brands of products, groups, organization, etc. Without even being aware of it, we have a response to the logo or graphic we see, the scents we smell, or the sounds we hear.


We all have responses that are tied to an experience or memory, too. I can smell a particular perfume and think of my mom; baked bread and think of my aunt, and certain sunscreen makes me think of the time when my husband and I were dating. The list goes on and on. Another example is when I see my teacup and my EZ Brewer or Buckhead Tea Company’s logo, I feel anticipation for the soothing warm liquid in my stomach and the peace of a deserved tea break.

The thought of what we feel inside in response to what we see, smell, or hear got me thinking - what is “my brand”? What response do I invoke from those around me? More importantly, what response do I want others to have? In other words, how do I want to be know - that is my brand. 

My answer to this question is easy for me to come up with, but I am not sure how easy it is to make happen. I want to be known as a person who loves. This will look different with family and friends or coworkers,acquaintances, or even strangers. I am not even quite sure how I would define it other than having a peace from the inside that allows me to accept, appreciate, and love those I encounter with grace and kindness. A tall order, I know!

How I touch the people around me happens whether I am intentional about my thoughts and words or not. Isn’t that true of everyone - our words, actions and attitude in what we do and say becomes “our brand”. So I will always try to stay aware of how I am feeling inside and aim for grace, kindness and love towards others.