Some of you have may have gathered from recent posts and blogs, that I am moving.  Well, as of two days ago that has officially happened.  Moving was a long, sometimes painful process.  Going thru 22 years of your life and deciding what stays or goes is not for the faint of heart.  Especially when you are under a deadline.  As I was driving to my new home (six long hours in the car, by myself) I had the opportunity to reflect on the experience.

From the beginning, when we first made the decision to move to the coast full-time, we had support. Friends on both ends were extremely happy for us – they understood that it was time for us to be settled in one place rather than continuing this back and forth we were doing all the time. But where to start…. I’m great at completing tasks.  I love lists and I love crossing things off lists.  But for some reason I just couldn’t get going on this project.  I would empty out a cabinet and be done for the day. Fortunately, one of my nearest and dearest and best of friends was around and willing to light a massive fire under my backside.  Day and day after day she would come over and say “what are we doing today?”  She was my lifeline.  Then one of my oldest and dearest of friends, my roomie from college, came to visit. And rather than socialize and go out and have fun, she said, “come on, lets get this all packed up.”  So we did.  This went on for three plus months.  Back down at the beach I had friends tending to my other home for months - watering plants, and getting my mail, etc. And one special friend who even discovered a big “uh oh” regarding the new home I was about to purchase AND got it resolved for me. I mean, seriously…what did I do to deserve such great people in my life???

Well, I didn’t do anything other than find myself in the middle of a great community.  Community can be many things – it can been the town or neighborhood you live in, it can be a small group that you are a part of from church, it can be a sports team, or a volunteer organization.  Community is everywhere.  That’s what is so special about Buckhead Tea Company – we’re a community of friends who came together over something we believed in and decided to start a business. And when you find yourself in the middle of a great community you connect with great people – an extended family so to speak.  People who care about you and for whom you care. Choosing to be a part of so many communities equals people who are there to lift you, support you, and walk with you through both the great and the challenging times in your life.


On my second to last day at my old home, I was taking trash to the curb and I heard a “meow.”  My husband was with me and said that he had heard a similar noise the night before but could figure out from where it came. Turns out  tiny kitten had fallen into the storm drain at the bottom of our driveway.  We called our local fire department and out they came.  Three big strong strapping firefighters huddled around an open storm drain – no kitty in sight but lots of meowing.  They spent the next three hours locating a small humane animal trap, crawling down the hole, setting the trap with food and coming back an hour later to a scared, raggedy, hungry little kitten.  They were heros!  They were also part of my community – it made me feel proud, and happy and a little more at peace with the world.

You see, community is everywhere.  If you don’t feel like you have one, look around or maybe start some type of a community yourself.  I promise it will be worth the effort.