Love Is Patient...Not Pushy


Hey there, my friends! Hope you’ve been doing well since the last time we chatted. It’s been interesting here in our house. School started back a couple of weeks ago, and suddenly, I have a 7th grader and a 5th grader. Craziness.

I remember dropping off my eldest at preschool when he was just three years old, and all of a sudden, he’s on the cusp of being a teenager. He’ll proudly tell you in his newly cracking voice that his hands are almost as big as mine and that he’s only a mere centimeter or two shorter than me now. Granted, it’s not like I’m tall enough to breathe the rarefied air that sits any higher than 5’2” off the ground, but still—I can see how that’s an accomplishment to my boy.

With the physical changes that come with becoming a teenager, there are behavioral ones too, of course. In public, hugs are quick and scarce now, and well, let’s just say he’s learning to exert his independence and individuality in a vocal way. It’s all perfectly normal, of course, but can you understand why I sometimes just need to sit with my Organic Comfort for a little while?

The organic peppermint, basil, and fennel seeds in the Organic Comfort help with the knots in my stomach (and indigestion) and give my mood a little boost, while the licorice adds just a hint of sweetness. As I sip my tea and let it work it’s magic, it gives me time to reflect on how I need to adjust my parenting style with my almost-teen. I can grow frustrated with his lagging responses and attitudes to my (of course, reasonable!) requests, or I can choose to remember that love is patient…not pushy.

Because I value our long term relationship more than I value his short term obedience, I’m going to choose to remember that love is patient. Instead of pushing my will and timeline on him, I’m going to figure out how to sit back, give him space, and let him find his own way—let him develop his own opinions and his own sense of urgency. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still nudge and have reasonable discussions on choices and consequences, but gone are the “my way or the highway” days with him.

Control is a hard thing for me to give up, but keeping my eye on the prize of having a strong, loving relationship with my son certainly helps. But I know you’re not shocked to hear that I foresee many, many more cups of Organic Comfort in my future!