Princess Indy

I have become that person who has as many pics of my dog as my son on my phone. Can you relate? If you had asked me two and a half years ago I would have laughed at the thought. Growing up we didn’t have cats or dogs. My sister had a rabbit that lived outside, and I had little parakeets for a short time. No mess, no fuss.

So I never thought of myself as a pet owner. Then one day my husband met us for lunch at the Avalon with a sweet little dog on a leash! No warning, no discussion! Indy was abandoned, and we are so glad we were the ones that got to rescue her. When I first saw her though, I thought “Oh no! I am not going to be able to say no to my son, and I don’t know how to train or take care of a dog! I have no time for this.”


More than two years later, i see how much love Indy has brought into our home. We all love on her, enjoying her wagging tail, her licking, even watching her sleeping and her dream noises. She brings such joy and peace to our hearts. I survived training her, and I can’t imagine not having a dog in the house, especially one so sweet. She is the Princess with her pink collar and jeweled name tag.

I was going to blog this week about my birthday. If you have known me any length of time, you know that I celebrate a ‘birthday month’, which means I connect with friends and make plans and talk about my birthday for most of August. But what I realized was that I am good with it not being all about me. I pass my crown to Indy, the Princess of our house!

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