Reeling in the Chaos

Hi friends! Just sharing a short and simple hello with you today. It’s been a quiet happy Saturday here—you know, the kind that fills my soul. The house is silent and still as the boys are enjoying time at their dad’s. And soon enough I’ll be joining some girlfriends for a bite to eat that is sure to be filled with laughter and love.


In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying a cup of our English Breakfast and planning out all the things that need to be accomplished in the next week. Not working on them yet, mind you, just planning it all out. I’ve got my calendar pulled up on the iPad and my day planner all set to be filled out. Both, you ask? Yup! I might be a little obsessive compulsive about it, but if I don’t have it down in iCal, it’s not happening. BUT, I still need to see everything laid out in an orderly form that I can look at monthly and week by week.

Baseball games, dinner plans, appointments and lunch dates. For both the boys and I, and even appointments with Mom, all have to be checked and double checked these days. Sadly, my brain isn’t what it once was where I could remember all the details just in my head, but I’ve found that this system works for me now. Figuring out ahead of time what we will be eating during the week helps me to grocery shop and keeps the stress of being asked repeatedly, “what’s for dinner?” away, since it’s already planned.

Such a simple thing, but it helps me to keep moving without getting overwhelmed and without dropping too many balls. Plus, I actually enjoy the time it takes me to sort through all the chaos and wrestle it back into visible order with the help of my trusty iPad and day planner along with lots of to-do lists. Well, that is as long as I can enjoy a quiet cup of tea while I do it. How do you organize?


Chris WarcoComment