In My Heart

I have lived in Atlanta for 21 years without family living close by, with most of my family living in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I have been so blessed with a great community of friends and coworkers that became my local family in Atlanta. And then ten years ago I started my own family with my husband, stepdaughters, and eventually our son. But I do miss spending time with my family of origin.


I feel the distance more when I need help or when holidays come and I see families celebrating. We make it work and it has become part of our norm to travel to New England twice a year to spend time and connect with our family over Christmas and during the summer..

Many of us are located away from our families. The tug to be with our family gets stronger when crisis hits; and this come in many forms – health issues, loss of job, and relationship challenges. The list goes on and is specific for each of us at different stages in life.  This week I am more aware of how far I am from my family as a family member is struggling with their health and it impacts us all. It is hard to feel helpful when I am separated by sheer distance. I want to be there to support my family. I know I can love and support them from where I am, but I would rather help them carry their burdens in person.

It is at these time that I spend time praying for them and supporting them with my words by text and phone calls. Practical action is so much more comfortable for me. But I have to accept the limited action that I can take and know that love doesn’t always look the same. I can love and support my family even when I am not physically there. They are always in my heart!

I look forward to my next visit ‘home’ so I can share some love in person. Until then, as I am often reminded, I have to take care of myself first so I can care for those I love. My latest self-care includes a nice and soothing cup of Paradise tea. Enjoy some today and don’t forget to reach out to those who are in your heart.

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