Second Summer

For most of you, summer is over.  Everyone loves summer.  The kids are out of school, upcoming vacations loom, schedules are more relaxed… 

Down here at the beach, summer is crazy with a capital CRAZY!  Thousands of people flock here between April and Labor Day (and let’s not forget the snow birds January-March).  Trying to find parking is ridiculous.  Forget about parking within walking distance of our beautiful white sandy beaches.  You don’t ever go to a grocery store on Saturday (that’s check-in day around here), and the traffic.  Traffic in the summer is as bad as it was during rush hour in Atlanta. 

We were all very worried about how summer 2019 would be this year.  Last October this small community was hit with a Cat 5 hurricane, and we are still a very long way from recovery.  But the people still came.  And it’s fun to meet new people and to see all the vacationers hot and happy and very sunburned at the end of each day.  The days and nights are filled with extra energy and so there is this continuous full-time “party” feeling.  And that’s fun for us all.

Our favorite spot on the PCB beach. Photo credit Schooners

Our favorite spot on the PCB beach. Photo credit Schooners

But starting in August, after most schools are back in session, and then more so after Labor Day, the crowds are literally gone.  For me, that is when my Second Summer starts.  The chaises and umbrellas have been stored away for the off-season, and the beaches are wide and clear.  The water is a beautiful turquoise blue, and the perfect temp.  The winds pick up a bit and the highs are in the mid-90’s. No parking issues, no lines, and no traffic! 

The locals love this time of year.  We really get out and enjoy all that PCB has to offer.  We eat out more and never have to wait for tables.  We go out on our boats and a our favorite places to anchor are empty. The nights are cooler because the sun is starting to set earlier. We catch sunsets AND sunrises either at the beach or from our beautiful balconies overlooking the water. We hang out, we share meals, we drink various libations.  There is less planning involved and more living enjoyed. 

Second summers are my favorite time of the year here at the beach.  Sometimes they last till December.  In 2016 it was 85 degrees on Christmas Day.  It’s my chill time before I start getting ready for the holidays.  I usually start my day with a cup of Buckhead Tea’s Ginger Peach Tea, and end it with a cup of our Organic Chamomile Tea. Sometimes with friends and by myself as well.  Any excuse to just hang out an enjoy “our summer,” our Second Summer.

Speaking of tea, I’m very excited that two of my business partners, Chris and Tammy, will be joining me down here in a week to experience a Second Summer. So stay tuned for some fun social media posts.

Happy Second Summer.