When I give, I like to ask three questions: 1. Is the organization effective in what it tries to accomplish? 2. How much of the donation is actually spent on the work and is there financial accountability? 3. What difference does my giving make?

First, a little background on WACM (West Africa Christian MInistries)—the organization is a 501c headquarter in Indiana while the work is done in West Africa headed by Dr. Moussa Coulibaly. After obtaining a PhD in Theological Education from Trinity Theological Seminary in Chicago, Dr. Coulibaly could have chosen to stay in America and live the American dream with his family, but instead he returned to his homeland Burkina Faso-- a small land-locked country on the edge of the Sahara Desert, a dry, rocky, arid land that is the poorest country in Africa. 

He believes that only education and spiritual awakening can change the condition in his country. He builds and operates Christian schools in a majority Muslim country where education, especially of girls, is a luxury.  The schools are modest in their physical condition but are of the quality that those whose family can afford are willing to pay tuition. 

The poor are given not only a free education but daily necessities to take home like soup, peanuts and rice. There is a small orphanage for children of parents who died of AIDS or are themselves AIDS victims, a micro loan program for women and a seminary to train local young people to plant and lead local churches which are self-sustaining. Thus, WACM changes one life at a time and it is all done by locals helping locals.

My church has supported WACM for over ten years. I represented my church on the WACM board during my four year term as mission deacon.  I know that 100% of all donations go to support the work in Burkina Faso, and there is detailed accounting of how funds were spent.  Furthermore, some board members on their own resources go to Burkina Faso not only to lend a helping hand but to ensure that the work there is as reported.  

Every year Dr. Moussa, a spiritual man of integrity, comes to the US to meet with supporting organizations. Since WACM is a very small organization, every dollar means a lot and since Burkina Faso is such a poor country, a dollar goes a long way to build schools and educate and children. So the answers to my questions above are all affirmative.  I hope you will choose to support WACM too!