Teabag Variety Pack

Teabag Variety Pack


Looking for some variety? Not sure which tea you want to drink today or to share with your friends and family? Our Teabag Variety Pack with it's eight different types of teas is just what you're looking for!  Each teabag is individually wrapped and labeled for convenience and easy sharing.

Each box contains 15 teabags:

Earl Grey Oolong - 2 Teabags

Ginger Peach - 2 Teabags

Organic Relax - 1 Teabag

Organic Tranquility - 2 Teabags

Paradise - 2 Teabags

Spring Blossom - 2 Teabags

Wild Grown Dragonwell - 2 Teabags

Vanilla Tea - 2 Teabags

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Steeping tea to bring out its best flavors is a science, but drinking tea is an art. Although we recommend steeping times and temperatures as a guideline, what matters most is that you make your cup the way you like best!